Endorsements and Messages of Support for the Children

Hi Jane, it is nice to hear from you and get positive feedback to encourage me to do what I am doing. I hope that this note does likewise and similarly encourages you to continue your great work in supporting and encouraging the children - I wish them the best of luck.

Padraig Harrington
Open Champion 2007 and 2008
PGA Champion 2008
Ryder Cup Vice Captain 2014
Ryder Cup Captain 2020

We all have a shared responsibility for our shared future. Individuals, families, government, business, and voluntary organisations all have a vital role to play. Organisations such as the Tymes Trust show how such principles can be put into practice. The Trust provides invaluable support to children and young people with ME, and to their families, and has also helped to raise awareness of ME issues.

I know that many have volunteered their time and money to make this happen, and I would like to congratulate the Trust for all it has achieved and for the difference you have made to so many lives.

I am sure you will continue to go from strength to strength.

David Cameron
Prime Minister

Let us together support this excellent charity that is providing so much practical help to children with ME. And in doing so, let us also support one another.

Lady Elizabeth Anson
Cousin to the Queen

Having recently attended the Pride of Essex Awards Ceremony, at which Jane Colby received an award, I am delighted to have the opportunity to offer to all the supporters of the Tymes Trust my best wishes and warmest Christmas greetings.

I have long been an admirer of the Trust’s work and Jane’s award is a well-deserved tribute to all that it does to support young ME sufferers. I hope that you will all continue to support the cause and do what you can to spread the word further.

Lord Petre
Lord Lieutenant of Essex

We would like to thank poet, songwriter and BBC presenter Stewart Henderson, who wrote a poem about ME especially for the Remember The Children concert at Brentwood Cathedral. His moving performance was much appreciated. Stewart has kindly given us permission to present his poem here.

The Tymes Trust is a respected national voluntary charity offering a friendly, personalised service for children and young people with ME and their families. It is committed to providing continued and expanding high quality services, whilst maintaining a long established personal approach, specialising in providing practical solutions to problems.

Tony Blair
Former Prime Minister

I am delighted to be given the opportunity to express my personal support for the work of Tymes Trust. The range of practical and personal support that the Tymes Trust provides to children with ME is an invaluable service relied upon by families, doctors and teachers. In turn the Trust relies upon charitable donations and volunteer workers to carry out this high quality and personal service.

I wish the Tymes Trust every success in 2004.

The Rt Hon Michael Howard QC MP
Former Leader of the Opposition

Without the charitable endeavours of your organisation many young people who suffer from this condition would not get the help and support that they need. May I take this opportunity to thank all those at the Trust for the caring work that you do and wish you well in your future endeavours.

The Rt Hon Charles Kennedy MP
Former Leader of the Liberal Democrats

I believe that the Tymes Trustcard is a very useful tool in helping to improve understanding of the needs of children and young people with ME and ensuring that they are able to continue to access education in a way that takes full account of their medical condition. I am therefore pleased to endorse the use of the Tymes Trustcard.

Baroness Ashton of Upholland
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Early Years and School Standards

To all readers and supporters of TYMES. Raw strength and courage in the battle with ME. May there be great TYMES ahead for you all.

Kenneth Branagh

Keep your heads up!
Best regards, Andy Wallace

Hope the Hard Tymes are not too difficult to bear.
All Best Wishes, James Weaver

Sometimes it's endurance that counts. Never give up!
Your Friend, Butch Leitzinger

American Le Mans Series drivers for Dyson Racing, 2003 LMP675 Champions

My young little stars, I know how it feels with ME and you are not alone even though at times it feels that way. I send you all the best wishes in the world – to feel a little bit better each day.

Gary Frankum
Former speedway ace



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